Legal and regulatory implementations

ftl experts have many years of experience in handling legal and regulatory implementations of a wide range of entities including banks, payment institutions, entities in the lending sector, obliged institutions under AML regulations, e-commerce entities, retail chains and marketing agencies. Our solution proposals are developed taking into account not only both the basic aspect of compliance (ensuring compliance with the legal regulations and recommendations of Polish and EU supervisory authorities), but also the opportunity aspect (benefiting from the opportunities created by regulations for business development).

Developing legal and regulatory models

One of ftl’s key areas of activity is legal support in the development of legal and regulatory models, including those of an innovative nature or based on multi-stakeholder relationships. During their many years of activity in the legal advisory market, ftl experts have supported numerous successful implementations of new services and processes which are now widely used in the market. The solutions which have been developed ensure compliance with regulations, guidelines and current regulatory positions while bearing in mind business needs and conditions. Amongst other things, this activity has contributed to ftl and its experts being honoured with numerous awards in national and international legal rankings, in the fields of FinTech, banking and finance law and regulatory advice to financial sector entities.

Developing internal and external documentation

The ftl team provides support to implementations both at the conceptual stage and in developing comprehensive documentation necessary for the implementation, including through the preparation of detailed descriptions and instructions concerning the legal framework, of the solutions which have been adopted (the so-called regulatory instructions), required procedures, contracts or terms and conditions. ftl’s advisory services also include support in the conduct of negotiations or arrangements between the entities involved in order to develop optimum business terms. ftl also offers advice on the internal implementation of procedures within an organisation, conducting workshops and training events.