Competition law

For many years now, ftl lawyers have been advising clients on the legal and competitive aspects of doing business. The knowledge and extensive legal experience, complemented by the economic education of ftl team members and their extensive knowledge of the economic environment, allow us to offer a modern and comprehensive service, even in the most complex matters, requiring a perspective broader than merely the legal one.

Our services are used by clients operating in the traditional goods and services sector, as well as those in the regulated market and new technology sectors.

Public competition law

We have many years of experience in supporting clients in the field of public competition law. This experience includes supporting clients in a variety of proceedings conducted by competition authorities and before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, including proceedings on business concentrations, and anti-monopoly proceedings in matters of restrictive practices and practices of abuse of a dominant position. We also offer our clients support in connection with searches and inspections conducted by the antitrust authorities.

We provide comprehensive advisory services in compliance management the field of competition law. This includes, in particular, support in the identification of risks under competition law, preparation and review of business agreements, development and review of internal competition law compliance systems, as well as the conduct of training and internal antitrust law audits.

Private competition law

For many years now, we have successfully supported our clients in cases of counteracting unfair competition. This includes both pre-litigation support and representation of clients in proceedings involving claims which arise from acts of unfair competition, including the protection of know-how, unfair advertising and product labelling, employee poaching and the protection of business secrecy.

In addition to the above-mentioned forms of representation, we carry out comprehensive analyses of the client’s existing and planned practices from the perspective of assessing the risk of violating the law on counteracting unfair competition.