Consumer law

Consumer law is one of our leading specialisations. The ftl team has many years of experience providing advice in a wide variety of areas of consumer law, including: distance and off-premises contracts, consumer warranty, protection of quasi-consumers, abusive clauses, counteracting unfair market practices and practices infringing collective consumer interests, telecommunications, financial services, consumer credit, tourist services, marketing and advertising, food and medicinal products, as well as hazardous and substandard products. We advise clients in complaint proceedings and in out-of-court dispute resolution (ADR, ODR) and represent them in proceedings conducted by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP) and before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Compliance audits

We offer a comprehensive examination of the compliance of planned or existing business activities with consumer regulations – e.g. for prohibited contractual provisions (abusive clauses), fulfilment of information obligations (both pre-contractual and post-contractual), the effective binding of the consumer to the model contract (terms and conditions), the application of lawful complaint procedures and the avoidance of misleading the consumers.

Our team’s many years of experience include audits of various businesses and entities involved in B2C relationships, such as: online platforms and shops, retail chains, mobile applications, loyalty programmes and other promotional activities, as well as financial sector services.

Financial sector

We have expert knowledge and extensive experience in the area of consumer regulations in the financial sector, with particular focus on consumer credit, insurance and financial services offered at distance. We also advise in disputes involving consumers – at the stage of complaints, proceedings before the Financial Ombudsman and in courts of law.

Proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP)

We provide comprehensive legal support in proceedings before the President of the OCCP concerning the violation of collective consumer interests, the use of prohibited contractual provisions or the withdrawal of non-compliant products from the market. In the event of a suspected violation of consumer regulations, we advise on how to conduct an effective and constructive dialogue with the regulator. We also represent our clients in appeal proceedings before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.