Transactional and corporate advisory services

Transactional advisory services

Transactional advisory services provided by ftl lawyers include comprehensive process support, both on the buyer and the seller sides. Each time the process begins with the compilation of a set of documents necessary to examine the company’s standing, including from a legal and tax point of view, as part of due diligence.

ftl’s unique analytical methodology makes it quicker and easier to see the outcome of the counterparty’s survey by providing a focused final report instead of the usual extensive descriptive content.

Based on a wealth of experience, ftl’s lawyers are able to design a transaction in a way that best suits the client’s needs. We offer the elaboration of complete transactional documents, including the required corporate approvals. We also support the client at the point of negotiating the terms of the transaction and concluding the contract.

Following the transaction, we also offer support at the stage of recording the changes in the commercial register.

The experience gained by ftl lawyers in handling the largest transactions in the Polish payment services and FinTech market warrants a smooth and secure contracting process.

Corporate advisory services

ftl lawyers provide comprehensive corporate advice to companies, including on their day-to-day operations.

Corporate services cover all phases of running a business, from its establishment, through transformation, to dissolution, liquidation or restructuring.

ftl lawyers also offer business support as part of ongoing advice to company governing bodies. We provide the organisation of shareholders’ meetings, general shareholders’ meetings, draft resolutions and other internal company documents. ftl lawyers also represent companies at the stage of registration proceedings.