ftl experts specialise in providing legal services to FinTech and financial market entities planning to implement innovative financial solutions in their operations. Members of the ftl team have extensive experience in shaping the terms of business between entities providing innovative solutions and large market players, in particular the banking sector, taking into account the specifics of the parties to such relations and ensuring the full synergy effect. ftl experts support the development of the law of new technologies through participation in the work of specialised bodies, in particular that of the Special Task Force for Financial Innovation in Poland coordinated by the Financial Supervision Authority.

Advisory services

The ftl team’s advisory services include ongoing support for both legal, regulatory and business issues at every level of a new technology business. Members of the ftl team support clients in the search for a business model matching their intended project and advise on the legal compliance of the planned business model. The experience of ftl team members allows us to provide clients with full substantive input with regard to their activities, considering not only legal compliance of the actions which are undertaken, but also the use of regulatory opportunities for optimal business solutions.

Implementation and development

The ftl team provides substantive support in proceedings before regulatory authorities both in Poland and abroad, providing comprehensive services in obtaining licences, authorisations, registrations and other necessary formalities. ftl experts often work with start-ups in the financial services market, which offers them the opportunity to accompany such entities in their transformation from start-ups into leading FinTech companies.


In view of the dynamic pace of change in the financial services market, including, above all, innovative solutions, members of the ftl team constantly refine their skills, expand their knowledge, and share the experience they have gained by conducting training courses and workshops on the law of financial innovation.