Handling disputes

The ftl team has many years of experience representing clients in various types of disputes, including primarily litigation before common courts. ftl lawyers have participated in numerous prestigious cases with multi-million amounts in dispute. They achieve high effectiveness in representing clients not only by performing very thorough analyses and developing customised, dedicated litigation strategies, but also thanks to their soft skills, also indispensable in the courtroom.

Disputes at the pre-litigation stage

Involvement of specialists as early as at the pre-litigation dispute stage can help avoid lengthy and often costly litigation. ftl lawyers represent clients in contacts with their counterparty, including addressing pre-court summonses and encouraging negotiations aimed at concluding a dispute amicably, without the need to initiate court proceedings. Furthermore, in the course of mediation and negotiations, we provide our clients with comprehensive services and professional support.

Disputes before common courts

ftl specialists conduct court proceedings with particular attention to the client’s interest. Acceptance of a case to be heard by a court of general jurisdiction is preceded by a thorough analysis of the evidence presented by the client and an assessment of the chances in the court proceedings. ftl lawyers make sure that the case strategy agreed with the client is followed, at the same time providing all information concerning the course of the proceedings on an ongoing basis. ftl specialists also ensure the proper development of the case and appear before the court at all stages of the litigation.

ftl lawyers have an outstanding record of successful litigations of commercial law disputes, such as disputes concerning the market of financial services, intellectual property protection, insurance law, real estate and construction project law, and also corporate law, including wide-ranging corporate disputes. Numerous successes in court proceedings confirm the high effectiveness of the ftl team.

Disputes before administrative authorities and courts

ftl specialists also appear before administrative authorities and courts, in the context of various administrative proceedings concerning, inter alia, fiscal or building matters.

Arbitration proceedings

ftl lawyers conduct disputes before arbitration courts which guarantee a quicker resolution of the case compared to proceedings before a court of general jurisdiction, and also offer greater flexibility, including the possibility of choosing arbitrators or the method in which the dispute will be conducted.