Crowdfunding is a popular form of raising the capital necessary to carry out business plans. The ftl team provides comprehensive legal services covering both the process of setting up crowdfunding platforms as well as handling processes to raise capital through investment crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding platforms

ftl lawyers have successfully advised on projects related to the creation of co-investment platforms. Our legal support includes, inter alia, the compilation of the required documentats, including internal procedures and terms and conditions, as well as contracts with counterparties. The documentation is developed taking into account not only the law, but also the so-called soft law, i.e. recommendations and guidelines of the competent authorities. The knowledge and experience of ftl lawyers, gained over the many years of providing legal assistance in this area, allows us to go through the process of creating and launching crowdfunding platforms in a manner that is swift and in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Investment crowdfunding

Investment crowdfunding is an increasingly popular form of raising funds to implement business projects with the help of a number of investors. However, the process of raising funds through investment crowdfunding needs to meet a number of legal requirements.

We advise at all stages of the process, sharing our legal expertise with clients. Our team provides its services with particular attention to the disclosure requirements imposed on issuers, as well as the requirements under anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism regulations.